Finding the right publisher is like shopping for a shirt.
There are lots of them out there, but when you find the right one – and it fits just so, life is very good. But these days the sorting out of all the players in the world of books just gets all the more complicated.
We invite you to consider our small firm for the following reasons:
  • We believe in keeping business relationships simple. Building on a high level of communication and clarity is the groundwork for successful publishing.

  • We treat each book we publish individually, with care, and accuracy. No templates, no short cuts, no “good enough.”

  • Our business arrangements are clearly defined, incorporate great respect for the author, and are targeted for mutual success.

  • We are able to offer traditional publishing, assistance to authors with self-publishing, just the graphic design of covers and content, or consultation through the intricate world of printing.

  • We have established some of the best networking available. Through working with talented and constructive editors and publicists, high-level designers and illustrators, and only the best quality printers, our authors experience professional leadership.

If you are interested in working with RiverPlace Press, connect with us below.